Sideway Plus

Small Expedition Trailer

Brave and energy-independent off-road

99,500.00 PLN
  • all you need is a category B driver's license
  • accommodation for 2+
  • kitchen
  • shower

You decide

You are here and now, without limits. You travel on your own terms, you value the comfort of being off the beaten track, you choose freedom and accommodation under the stars. MATURI Sideway i Sideway Plus series expedition trailers are ideal for enthusiasts of space, contact with nature, for adventurers. For outings with family and friends. You decide where you go and where you stay. The world is yours.


Solar power system

It comes with dedicated components: panel(s), a 100Ah gel battery and a 150W solar panel with a charge status indicator. The base includes one panel mounted on a slant at the front of the trailer, on a detachable frame (additional option) that allows the charging panel to be positioned in full sunlight while the trailer stands in the shade. The extended version offers the option of mounting two panels.

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The MATURI Sideway Plus expedition trailer is a Polish off-road camper for enthusiasts of space and freedom, contact with nature, for those who want a higher level of camping. It is ideal for a short weekend at a campsite and a longer journey into the unknown. Designed and manufactured in series in Poland. With European approval.

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  • O1 homologation
    Hassle-free registration throughout Europe, low registration and insurance fees
  • GVW 750
    Cat B driver's license, no additional tolls or annual technical inspection required
  • 4.2 x 2.1 x 1.9
    Compact size gives great mobility, hassle-free maneuvering, parking and ease in finding a place to stay
  • off-road suspension
    Original suspension arms and high ground clearance provide off-road capability and comfort on any surface
  • mattress 205 x 145
    Full size, foldable mattress provides a comfortable place to sleep for 3 people (2 adults + child)
  • roof tent
    Possibility of accomodation for 2-3 additional people (depending on tent model)
  • solar system
    The solar installation offers the opportunity for camping in the wild while ensuring energy independence
  • instalacja elektryczna
    oświetlenie wewnatrz, zewnątrz, zasilenie sterowników
  • parking heater
    It will make you relish the freedom of being able to travel, even in the off-season

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Sideway Plus

4 colors

Interior lighting from car battery

Roof fan


Solar power system

Parking heater in option



1 color

Battery operated interior lighting

Roof window



Tricamp Plus

1 color


Solar power system




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Instruction manual

Warranty card

Manufacturer's warranty service

Possibility of post-warranty service by the manufacturer

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Well thought-out design

Thanks to the development of every space, you can pack all your luggage even for a longer trip. You have a front box for furniture and various camping accessories or tools, ropes, shovels, capacious, highlighted lockers inside the cabin for clothes and nets for larger and smaller items.

Materials and technologies

The steel frame structure is galvanized and additionally coated with a scratch resistant polyurethane coating. The cabin is available in two variants: plywood (20 mm) provides a pleasant smell and a cozy feeling or sandwich panel (25 mm) guarantees excellent insulation and thermal insulation. The aluminum cases are lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

Minimalism in caravanning

MATURI trailers are produced in series. The basic version of the Sideway Plus provides everything that we believe is necessary for comfortable camping in nature. Within the available options you can configure your Sideway Plus according to your needs.

Additional equipment

In addition to the standard equipment, you can choose from a wide range of accessories to equip your trailer: solar panels, batteries, roof bars, luggage rack, water tank, bike/motorcycle carriers, hammock/swing holders, gas stove hoods, different types of roof tents and awnings, different suspension versions.

Body color

The Sideway Plus model is serially produced in four body colours (plywood version) or in one pattern of wrapping (sandwich panel version). In the extended option you have the possibility to choose any color, e.g. matched to the color of your car or personalisation of the wrapping according to your individual project.

Caravanning and what's next

Camping is perfect for active people. Do you surf, fish, climb, mountain bike, observe and photograph wildlife, or just like to be on the move? The Sideway Plus Series models are tailored to your needs. With the option of roof beams, you can mount a tent or conveniently carry additional gear and sports equipment. Of course you can also use the roof window in this configuration.

Mobility and driveability

Thanks to the compact dimensions of the Sideway Plus trailer you can handle all conditions. Wherever your car goes, your trailer goes too. Narrow city streets, safe passage under an overpass, wintering in a regular garage - these are our unquestionable requirements. The distance between the tow hitch and the trailer axle, the coupling which can be adjusted vertically and horizontally and the arrangement of the center of gravity make the Sideway Plus not only ideal for off-road use

LED lighting

You have the option of illuminating the kitchen, shower and luggage cabins, including the entrance area in front of the trailer. The latter segment is lit from inside the cabin and gives you safe control of your surroundings when camping in the wild. The discreet and sectioned illumination of the sleeping cabin interior permits you to use it comfortably as desired and to use only the necessary section of the entire illumination, which is crucial for more extended stays away from civilisation.

Solar installation

It comes with dedicated components: panel(s), a 100Ah gel battery and a 160W controller with a charge status indicator. The base includes one panel mounted on a slant at the front of the trailer, on a detachable frame that allows the charging panel to be positioned in full sunlight while the trailer stands in the shade. The extended version offers the option of mounting two panels (both on the roof, or in the combined version, on the roof and slant in the rear section of the trailer).

Parking heater

Jeżeli planujesz wypady z przyczepą nie tylko w letnie miesiące, zalecamy doposażenie przyczepy w system ogrzewania (opcjonalnie do wyboru): ogrzewanie postojowe przyczepy i namiotu: gazowe/ diesel.

Test rental

Don't want to buy blind? Prefer to test before making a decision? This is now possible! You can rent a MATURI Sideway Plus trailer and see for yourself that/ if you are made for each other. If you decide to buy a trailer after renting, you can take advantage of a special offer that allows you to discount the price of a new trailer by the rental cost.

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