Transport off-road trailer

Designed to eliminate restrictions

34,900.00 PLN
  • all you need is a category B driver's license

Carry and enjoy your life

The MATURI Tricamp transport trailer is a Polish off-road transporter that allows you to transport your motorbikes, quad, paraglider, kayaks or other sports equipment to a place you can fully enjoy them. For adrenaline fans of speed in rugged terrain. The roof tent attachment option is also ideal for a sports weekend or longer trip.


Wishbone suspension MATURI

It is a suspension we designed and manufactured that allows you to drive off-trail. It gives the trailer off-road capability both on gravel and rougher terrain. Of course, we didn't invent the wishbone suspension (unfortunately ;), but we developed our system based on our designed and manufactured wishbones and available mass-produced components and refined the entire system so that the suspension is durable and the trailer steers comfortably.

Carry and enjoy your life

For adrenaline fans of speed in rugged terrain, we have created the Tricamp ans Tricamp Plus line of transport trailers.

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  • O1 homologation
    Hassle-free registration throughout Europe, low registration and insurance fees
  • GVW 750
    Cat B driver's license, no additional tolls or annual technical inspection required
  • off-road suspension
    Original suspension arms and high ground clearance provide off-road capability and comfort on any surface
  • adjustable coupling
    The vertical and horizontal adjustment permits a perfect fit between tug and trailer; it also provides the full opening of the rear doors of the off-road vehicle/lowering of the pick-up ramp
  • variable platform size
    You can enlarge the trailer platform by removing the front luggage compartment
  • load securing slats
    The sides and front of the trailer permit easy and convenient securing of the load during transport
  • clamp in the platform
    This is an additional option for securing a vehicle, e.g., a quad using a winch
  • luggage chest
    It will accommodate your sportswear and equipment, and also your camping gear
  • versatility
    The compact dimensions ensure that the trailer can be attached to any car, and the detachable body option means that it can carry a wide variety of loads

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1 kolor

Felga stalowa lub aluminiowa


Tricamp Plus

1 color


Solar power system




1 color

Battery operated interior lighting

Roof window




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Instruction manual

Warranty card

Manufacturer's warranty service

Possibility of post-warranty service by the manufacturer

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Materials and technologies

The steel frame structure is galvanized and additionally coated with a scratch resistant polyurethane coating. The aluminum cases are lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

Additional equipment

In addition to the standard equipment, you can choose from a wide range of accessories to equip your trailer: luggage rack, bike/motorcycle carriers, hammock/swing holders, different suspension versions.


The Tricamp model is serially produced in one color - black. In the extended option you have the possibility to choose any color, e.g. matched to the color of your car.

Mobility and driveability

Thanks to the compact dimensions of the Tricamptrailer you can handle all conditions. Wherever your car goes, your trailer goes too. The distance between the tow hitch and the trailer axle, the coupling which can be adjusted vertically and horizontally and the arrangement of the center of gravity make the Tricamp not only ideal for off-road use but also safe to drive o

Test rental

Don't want to buy blind? Prefer to test before making a decision? This is now possible! You can rent a MATURI Tricamp trailer and see for yourself that/ if you are made for each other. If you decide to buy a trailer after renting, you can take advantage of a special offer that allows you to discount the price of a new trailer by the rental cost.

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